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Lightning (Full-time Travel)

What is Lombard Lightning Baseball?

Lombard Lightning is Lombard’s Full Time Travel League and the highest level of competition Lombard Baseball has to offer.  The league focuses on fundamentals, team play, and character development.  Lightning teams play in travel leagues in the Chicagoland area as well as local and out of state tournaments. Lightning teams will consist of a minimum of 70% players from Lombard and Villa Park. We are a local organization that will develop local players as they prepare for High School. 

How Do I Play For the Lombard Lightning?

Teams are formed from tryouts that occur in mid-July for the following Spring’s season.  Tryouts and roster selections will be determined by third-party independent evaluators from the Chicago White Sox Baseball Academy.  Rosters will be 11-12 players for the younger teams and rosters will be determined by the manager and Program Director for the high school aged teams.  There will be 1 team per age level, but if there is an abundance of talent at an age level the Lombard Baseball League Executive Board will determine if a 2nd team can be approved.  Additional teams at an age level will be evaluated on a year to year basis.  Teams will be managed by volunteers that are approved by the Program Director and the Lombard Baseball League Executive Board.

When Are Tryouts?

Please note, players will be trying out for the age that he/she will be in the following season. Your child's playing age is their age on April 30, 2024. All players are encouraged to play with their grade level, but exceptions can be made up until 12U. Once a player has reached 13U, he/she must play with their grade level. 

*All players attending tryouts must be registered - NO WALK UPS WILL BE ACCEPTED*

Registration fees are used to help cover the cost of independent evaluators and are therefore non-refundable and will not be applied to player fees if invited to join a team.

$10: Registration April until June 18th

$25: Registration June 19 - July 10

$50: Registration after July 10Players will be trying out for the next season age group (e.g., if the player was in 11U this Spring, he will be trying out for 12U). See below for age cutoffs by level:


All tryouts will be held on Wednesday, July 12th. There are no make-up dates- you must attend the tryout date or conduct an approved private tryout. 

Sunset Knoll Park fields 25 & 26

  • 9U & 10U:  5:30-7:15pm
  • 11U & 12U: 7:30-9:30pm

Lombard Commons fields 7 & 8

  • 13U:  5:30-7:30pm

Madison Meadows field 17

  • 14U:  5:30-7:30pm
  • 15U & 16U: 7:30-9:30pm

Madison Meadows field 18

  • 17U & 18U: 4:30-6:30pm



9U: born on or after 5/1/2014 (entering 3rd grade next school year)

10U: born on or after 5/1/2013 (entering 4th grade next school year)

11U: born on or after 5/1/2012 (entering 5th grade next school year)

12U: born on or after 5/1/2011 (entering 6th grade next school year)

13U: born on or after 5/1/2010 (entering 7th grade next school year)

14U: born on or after 5/1/2009 (entering 8th grade next school year ONLY - freshman players with late birthday must play 15u)

15U: born on or after 5/1/2008 (HS Freshmen)

16U: born on or after 5/1/2007 (HS Sophomore)

17U: born on or after 5/1/2006 (HS Junior)

18U: born on or after 5/1/2005 (HS Senior)



What Is the Expected Commitment?

Once teams are formed in July, players may play fall ball in the Lombard Travel Fall Ball League that starts in late August and goes through October.  Teams will then partake in a variety of off season workouts.  Lighting games will begin in early April and go through the end of July.  Most age groups will travel out of town for at least one tournament.  The 11U team will participate in the Omaha Slumpbuster Tournament during the College World Series in June and our 12U team will travel to Cooperstown, NY during June of July to compete at the Allstar Village complex.

How Much Are The Players Fees for Lightning?

Each Lightning player will have a baseline fee of $1300 for residents of Lombard/Villa Park. Players from outside the Lombard/Villa Park area will have a baseline fee of $1500. There is also a PITCHER ONLY (PO) option of $750.  This covers uniforms, league fees, a portion of off season conditioning, insurance and some tournament entry fees.  Teams traveling out side of the state can expect to incur more costs. The Lombard Baseball League Executive Board can increase player fees prior to the start of a new season. 

Tournaments in Lombard

Thank you for your interest in playing in a Lightning tournament in Lombard. All tournaments are  listed on, search Lombard.

Lombard Lightning Spring Swing - SOLD OUT

April 27-30, 2023



Lombard Lightning Father's Day Tournament

June 16 -19, 2023

10u-14u: $550


Questions? Contact Jake Lavin, Lightning Director.


PO BOX 1174