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How Do I Register My Son or Daughter?

Go to the "Registration" tab or click here to be taken to the Registration page.  You will need to create a login if you haven't used SportsEngine in the past.

Your child's level will be automatically selected based on their grade in school.

Junior A: Pre-K and kindergarten

Junior AA: 1st grade

Junior AAA: 2nd grade

Regular Minor: 3rd and 4th grade

Regular Major: 5th and 6th grade

Senior Pony: 7th & 8th grade

Senior Colt: 9th & 10th grade

Senior Palomino: 11th & 12th grade

Please contact Samantha Hartmann if you have any difficulties with or questions about registration. 

What Is The Cost?

2024 Spring season:

Junior Division (Junior A, AA, & AAA): $125 (early bird discount $105)

Regular Division (Minor & Major): $140 (early bird discount $120)

Senior Division (Pony): $150 (early bird discount $130)

Senior Division (Colt & Palomino): $180 

*Optional winter workouts (1 time per week) from January-March at the MMAC are included in the price of the spring baseball season.

Mandatory fundraising for spring baseball: Players in Junior, Regular, and Senior (Pony) Divisions all have the option of selling candy or doing a buyout for the fundraising requirement. Players must sell $180 worth of candy or do a buyout ($125) and not sell candy. Players who choose to sell candy will need to turn in money the first week of April. Please contact Josy Weyers with questions about fundraising. 

What Are The Payment Options?

You will need to pay in full at the time of registration. Please contact Samantha Hartmann if you have any questions or concerns. 

What Is The Cost Based On?

It costs Lombard Baseball League over $260 per player who plays in-house baseball. Our costs reflect the following: 

- Uniform costs (jerseys, hats, socks, pants for Juniors)

- General fields (payments LBL makes to the Park District to use their fields and porta potties)

- Umpires

- Equipment (equipment in the coaches bags, baseballs, awards)

- Utilities (electric bills for lights at the fields and water to water the fields)

- Administrative Expenses (insurance, computer hardware, software, and website, bank charges, coach certifications)

- Concession building (annual rent to the Park District)

- Scholarships

- The MMAC indoor training is an additional cost to LBL as we pay the Park District to use their facility, however, player costs were not increased when this was added as an option. 

Do I Need To Attend the Open House?

The Open House is not mandatory, however, there are many things that you are able to accomplish if you attend. Board members will be available to help you through the registration process, you can pick up your candy if you choose to sell for the fundraising requirement,  and you can double-check your uniform sizes. Our Open House this year is scheduled on:

Saturday, January 27 from 4:30-7pm at the MMAC (registration help, uniform try-on, and candy pick up)

Can We Make A Friend and/or Coach Request?

Friend and coach requests can only be made in the Junior Division. We will try our best to accommodate all requests, however, it is not guaranteed. Players in the Regular and Senior Divisions will be assessed and drafted onto teams to keep the teams similarly matched and competitive. We cannot accommodate coach/friend requests in these divisions (3rd grade and up). 

What Is The Practice and Game Schedule?

Quick glance at the tentative schedule.

Please note:

  • Practice days may change if a volunteer coach has a schedule conflict.
  • Games begin the last weekend in April and go through the end of June.
  • Saturdays and/or Sundays may also be scheduled with tournaments, rain outs etc.
  • Rainouts may require general shifting of practices and/or games.
  • Senior Colt & Palomino seasons begin after the high school season concludes in June.


Do You Have More Information About Uniforms?

Players will all receive a dry-fit t-shirt as part of their uniform as well as a logo team hat and baseball socks. Players in the Junior Division receive baseball pants, but players in Regular and Senior Divisions need to supply their own baseball pants. 

All players should wear baseball cleats and an athletic cup (if applicable). Players should all have their own glove. Team managers will receive a gear bag with several bats, batting helmets, and catcher's gear. Players are welcome to use the team equipment or supply their own. 

Jerseys will have the Lombard Baseball logo on the front. LBL keeps a surplus of jerseys on hand in the event that they need to be changed out for size. Ordering jerseys with team logos would require us to order by early January and our registration does not close until March. We would not be able to offer sizes to fit all players if we ordered jerseys that far in advance of the season. 

What About Fundraising?

All players in Junior, Regular, and Senior (Pony) Divisions must fundraise in the spring season. All players have the option of selling candy or doing a buyout for the fundraising requirement. Players must sell $180 worth of candy or do a buyout ($125) and not sell candy. Players who choose to sell candy will need to turn in money the first week of April.

Please contact Dan McCarthy with questions about fundraising. 

Do I Have To Work At the Concession Stand?

If you have a player in the Regular and/or Senior Division, you will be required to work one 2 hour shift at the concession stand. You may also choose to not work and pay the buy out fee of $40.

Please contact Dan McCarthy with any questions about the concession stand. 

My Son or Daughter Should Be Playing At A Higher Level? What Are My Options?

For play in the Regular Division and above, please provide a written request to the Regular Division Commissioner, Joe Colmone, with pertinent information.  A player assessment and approval by the League Board is then required. Generally, only a limited number of 10 year-olds play up at the Regular Major Level each year based upon their ability.  Any requests will be limited and need to be submitted to the Lombard Baseball League Board for consideration.  Nine year-olds will not be allowed to play in the Majors.

For play in the Junior Division, please contact the Junior Division Commissioner, Will Vant.

My Son or Daughter Is Interested In Part-Time or Full-Time Travel Baseball. Who Do I Contact?

For additional information about Lightning (full-time travel) contact Jake Lavin.

I Would Like More Information About Part-Time Travel Baseball. Who Do I Contact?

For questions related to Thunder baseball, contact Dimitri Yannias.


PO BOX 1174